Ignite Ogden Events

Ignite Ogden Events is coming this fall.

Come be a part of it. Support the startup!

We believe everyone has a message to share. We create a place of community and connection, inspiring everyone to share their knowledge and speak their truth.

We work for you, to make your event, your class, your workshop impactful.

We are committed to creating big change with a great vision in mind. We blow up the boxes that tell us we can’t  and we create what we know is possible– a place where we stand in courage and speak our truth.

Ignite Ogden Events is the key to social change, a harbinger of fresh perspectives, new outlooks and aspirational change and awakening. It is a place of connection with others who see from a vantage point and illuminate a new direction.

You Got This!

Step out of the box and move forward with your events. Become a member and agree to host 10 or more events, classes or workshops, schedule them within one year and get the following benefits:

Priority scheduling!

Priority marketing!

Space to keep items on location!

Webpage within our website!

Your events listed on our calendar!